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Monday, October 22, 2018

2018 Duck hunting California Los Banos Refuge hunting report and how to hunt Los Banos refuge

Duck hunting California Los Banos Refuge 

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how to hunt los banos refuge

Los Banos— It’s plenty of tight-fisted, jaw-set grit and determination to get clean water into the Grasslands Refuge region for  ducks and duck hunters this year. And the battle  has just begun.  The payoff is right now, however, for water-  MALLARDS and pintails are two of the major  targets at Los Banos, but Refuge hunters should also  get a shot at gadwall, teal and shovelers  now and geese later in the season, stay tuned with our Refuge Hunting Reports as season progresses.

  Zone 6 shapes up as one of  best bet  for prime California Duck Hunting on the opener and after at  Los Banos Refuge. It offers 14 spaced blind areas on the  high-yield northern end of the zone and last year  produced limit shooting for many hunters opening  day. This year’s users should again see first-class  early season action.

There are ways to boost the odds wherever  you're hunting on Los Banos Refuge, lots of decoys.  Bring at least a dozen magnums,  Mallards will do best early in the season. Later on,  hunters should pack pintails.  Besides mallards and pins. Los Banos hunters  will take home some gadwalls, greenwing teal,  shovelers and cinnamom teal on opening day, so  plan your dekes accordingly. Sportsmen usually  average three birds apiece or better on the opener.  Camouflage, the more the better, will increase  your chance at a limit in the permanent blinds of  Zone 6, and in other areas, (Refer to our Refuge Hunting maps) where duck hunters have  to build their own concealment.

Tules  and tumbleweed provides good blind materials.  Hunters often pack the camo-type tarps and covering for extra cover,  Hip waders are useful most of the season, but if  the first weeks are extra warm, you may enjoy the  hunt more in short boots or tennis shoes. stay tuned with our Refuge Hunting Reports as season progresses.

Those who show up early get the best shot at  hunting areas not already reserved by the standard  application procedure. Refer to our Refuge Hunting maps, and Depending on how close to  the front of the line you are, there‘s a good chance  you‘ll get in to hunt the popular zones 3 and 4,  where a 1/2-mile hike will take you into the highly  productive Area 14 and Field 2l.  Another spot where shotguns usually smoke is  the northeastern edges of Olsen Pond near Zone 6.  Take along an I-shaped tule seat to keep up off  the water.

 With all this talk about ducks, Los Banos Refuge hunters should keep in mind the good goose hunting  that's expected this year. Unlike ducks, nesting  and breeding for Pacific Flyway snow geese was  considerably more productive last year, and hunters should see more targets. Don’t forget the
closure on dark geese, and plan on making a mid-November trip, when  goose action  really starts to gain momentum. Stay tuned for our Refuge Hunting reports as the season progresses.

 Los Banos has three hunting areas. Refer to our Refuge Hunting maps..There is a free-roam  that when fully flooded will accommodate 80 to 100.  Hunters can set up their own blinds, and hunt anywhere they choose within the free-roam area. In addition, there are two zones with assigned blinds. Zone  14 blinds, each one can hold up to three hunters. Zone 7  four blinds. This zone is designed to provide junior hunters with an exceptional hunting experience. It will only  happen a limited number of Saturdays, and each hunter must  accompanied by a junior licensed hunter. You will need hip boots, but the  doesn't get much deeper than 16 inches.
 Reservations are. recommended for all five areas, particularly if you are interested in hunting from an established  blind. Reservations at free-roam areas are also recommended  since they guarantee you access  There is hunting on a first-come, first-served basis -the  sweat line -which forms at the check in station prior to the  hunting timer Hunters are allowed in if there are spaces  available or no-shows 1n addition, hunters are let in as people  leave. The cost for adults is $20 per day.

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